Naseera Gani

ADHD Practitioner

ADHD 360 Naseera Garu

Naseera Gani

ADHD Practitioner


  • MPharm Master of Pharmacy


  • ECG: Adult and Infant Vaccination


  • PdDip: Clinical Pharmacy for Secondary + Tertiary Care


  • Advanced Aesthetics


  • Independent Prescribing Masters


About Me

Over the past four years I developed a special interest in mental health and during that time had short rotations within both a hospital and community setting. My focus has since narrowed to adult ADHD, where I have dedicated more than a year to gaining specialised experience and knowledge.

I believe professional development is important to expand my knowledge and skills. I often participate in Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) training courses and CPD at ADHD 360. Additionally, my affiliations with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and RPS ensure I stay aware of the latest industry updates and advancements.

Among the milestones of my career, I take great pride in having achieved specialist status in emergency and acute medicine within a hospital setting.

The best part of my job is guiding people as they navigate their mental health struggles, and witnessing their transformation when starting a treatment plan with us. I enjoy supporting people through each stage of their journey and seeing their achievements because of our help. I feel a great sense of pride when my patients are handed over to shared care as I can recognise the strides they've made towards their goals.

This role has added a level of emotional understanding and awareness to my own practice that I feel has now become part of my character. I consider it a privilege to be part of an organisation that encourages such comprehensive professional and personal development.

In my free time, I enjoy weight training, yoga, swimming, calligraphy and reading. I also love travelling and cooking (as well as eating!).