Darrin ADHD 360

Darrin Lowe

Advanced nurse practitioner

About Me

I began my nurse career in 1993 and have a wide experience in Intellectual Disability and Paediatrics, specialising in ADHD for many years. I am passionate about reaching the best possible outcome for the children and families that put their trust in me and ADHD 360. I spend my spare time with my family, being a taxi service to my four teenage and young adult children. When time allows, I like to watch Tennis and Pro cycling.


1997E.N.B 997/998 Teaching Module
1998Certificate in Management Studies
2000E.N.B N02/N47, Learning Disabilities
2001E.N.B R66, Promoting the needs of children with multiple disabilities
2003Qualified Conversion Nurse (Registered Nurse Diploma, Child Branch)
2005Bsc (Hons) Health and Social Care
2016123 Magic Certified Trainer
2016V300 Non-medical Independent Prescriber
2020ADOS-2 Training