Leanne Ingram

Nurse Practitioner

ADHD 360 Leanne Ingram

Leanne Ingram

Nurse Practitioner


  • Advanced Diploma of Nursing Studies

    University of Sheffield


  • BSc (Hons) in Acute Mental Health Care

    University of Hull


  • Non-Medical Prescribing

    University of Sheffield


About Me

I have been a qualified mental health nurse since 2008 and have had direct experience specifically with ADHD since 2022. Over the years, I have encountered ADHD both personally and professionally, and this sparked my passion for learning about neurodiversity.

Within the ADHD field, my special interest lies in exploring the experiences of women with ADHD and studying how ADHD manifests in individuals who have been recognised as gifted and talented from a young age.

Throughout my career, I have experienced various highlights in different roles. Working in acute inpatient settings, I was part of a development project that significantly improved the patient experience. As one of the first nurse prescribers in the inpatient area, I became a champion for medicine management, allowing me to play an active role in the patient journey.

I am dedicated to ongoing professional development and continuously seek out training opportunities. Beyond work, I subscribe to forums, journals, and other resources to stay updated with the latest evidence. I have a curious and inquisitive nature, often finding myself immersed in learning and exploring various topics.

My diverse background and accumulated skills have shaped me into a well-rounded nurse. From my early ventures in the pharmaceutical field to my experiences in learning disability and mental health, I have always felt the need for direct patient involvement as it allows me to make the most significant impact. I am dedicated to providing compassionate care and making a positive difference in the lives of those I serve.

Outside of work, I have discovered a new interest in gaming since the lockdown. It provides me with downtime and a chance to unwind. Family time is also incredibly important to me, and I find contentment in spending quality time with my loved ones.