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ADHD 360 is a private ADHD clinic providing ADHD Diagnosis and ADHD Treatment to patients throughout the UK.


We are incredibly impressed with his progress and cannot thank the 360 team enough for their professional and efficient approach to a very challenging situation.

Parent of a 9 year old

Middle aged man and his wife

I just want to thank you all at ADHD 360 from the bottom of my heart. You truly have given my life back and got me back on the right path both physically and mentally. I’m more focused than I’ve ever been at work there is even been talks about promotion from my team leader to a supervisor as I’ve thrived and excelled since my diagnosis. My home life is better than ever truly a saviour to our marriage as I was on a downward spiral. I’ve even not felt the need to drink either since October I feel that in the past, I used alcohol as a suppressant which only made things worse and didn’t resolve anything. But I can truly say that if it wasn’t for your team at ADHD 360 I don’t know how my life would have turned out. Thanks again for all your support and your team clearly shows that there is support out there if it’s found.
– ADHD have the calmest none judgemental atmosphere within their clinic
– Nothing seems too much trouble always willing to help
– ADHD 360 gave us a better quality of life
– The support is 5* quality
– Given us a better outlook on the future
– The single best decision we ever made walking through your doors


Jonathan Smith

Had a fantastic meeting with school on Friday. Matthew has made leaps and bounds since being on meds. He will as of Monday have no measure in place that are different from other kids.



I don’t have a lot of money at all, but i am glad i spent what i had on me, it was well worth it and i’m earning more now and much happier anyway!

Aged 48


Thank you so much for showing us the light in relation to ADHD and the treatment necessary to give our 7 year old son the best chance at living a great life. Before Phil and the ADHD360 team came into our lives we were lost in google information, other parents’ dealings with the condition and poor NHS support and knowledge. We did not want to medicate our son as we were concerned with the side effects and making him a ‘zombie’. We had the confidence following initial discussions with Phil and the consultation with the specialist nurse to embrace he medication. The ease of contact is absolutely crucial as you cannot lose weeks and months waiting for NHS appointments. We are now getting to know our son and not just our son with ADHD. so grateful.


Parent of a 7-year-old

From a mum

Quite a day and you were right, Jen was delightful and the perfect match for Meg. We feel in very safe hands. As for Meg, what a relief to have an expert recognise her problems and reassure her that she isn’t just a useless human being which is something she was increasingly feeling. Again, thank you for responding so quickly to my phone call. I will definitely be recommending your organisation to many of my parents at work who are feeling frustrated by the slow response times with the NHS route.


Parent of a young girl


As well as the mental benefits, I would also go as far as saying ADHD and ADHD 360 combined have saved my life. When I was first diagnosed, I was overweight and my blood pressure was very high, I was unaware of this beforehand. With the aid of the medication and Lisa, I am slowly turning my health around and avoiding critical repercussions, such as strokes, heart disease and cardiac arrests, of which I would have been oblivious to, until I suffered the consequences of impulsiveness and a bad lifestyle. My partner has also noticed a huge difference in my behaviour since I have been on medication in a very positive way. I would and have recommended anyone with suspected ADHD to contact ADHD 360. My experience with them is amazing and I feel completely supported by the, even after being diagnose. They couldn’t have done more for me. I feel getting assessed and diagnosed with ADHD was an investment in myself, and that is priceless.

27-year-old man


Even in the short period since my assessment, diagnosis and beginning treatment with ADHD 360, I’ve noticed changed that border on the miraculous. I’ve found myself sitting down to complete university assignments that I’d been unable to even attempt for months. I feel incredibly well looked after by the team. Before, I was stuck. Now, with their help, I’m looking forward to finally getting this bright, shiny and (mostly importantly) laser-focused show on the road.

Female university student, London

Mum, Wife and ADHD Coach

I have a son with ADHD. I have had a lot of experience with the NHS and also private psychiatrists. Sadly, I realised the hard way that not all private psychiatrists and ADHD clinics are equal. I was fed up with the lack of care that my child was getting. I found out about ADHD 360 from a friend. I took my son to ADHD 360 to get the ADHD treatment that he deserved. I have discovered that ADHD 360 is the benchmark for good ADHD care. I decided to get myself assessed for ADHD. I went private to save time. I thought I was assessed by a good ADHD clinic. However, I was unhappy with the care that I received. Seeing the success with my son, I decided to try ADHD 360 for myself. By far the team was super professional, explaining difficult concepts to me in easy to understand language. I was not made to feel like a fool as was the case with my former private psychiatrist. Most importantly, I was prescribed a much better ADHD medication that works better with my type of ADHD. This was not even suggested to me at the former ADHD clinic. I was so inspired by the care and expertise of the ADHD 360 team that I decided to bring my other children for assessment. I can’t praise them enough. The ADHD 360 team really cared for my children and myself. The team looked at the overall family situation, not just each individual child. After diagnosing and dispensing ADHD meds, they were in touch 2 days later to find out how the children were getting on. Then every 2-3 weeks plus I could email them as often as I needed. ADHD 360 really care and are experts in the ADHD field. ADHD 360 is the hidden gem of ADHD treatment in the UK. If you want an assessment for yourself or your child, please do yourself a favour and find out more about this fantastic company. Their fee structure is affordable and very well structure. I now only recommend their services to friends and family.


Young Lady

I would really like to thank you and the whole team at ADHD 360 for the service and support that I have received since my initial ADHD diagnosis 6 months ago. In the past 6 months, thanks to finally being diagnosed and medicated at the age of 26, I have achieved more that I ever thought possible. I have made so many positive life changes, including learning to drive, getting a new job and moving out. I have also managed to declutter my belongings and be consistently tidy for the first time ever. Before my diagnosis, I was a compulsive binge-eater, which I believe was a product of ADHD impulsivity and as a coping mechanism. In the past 6 months, I have gradually lost the majority of my excess weight simply through healthier food choices and regular exercise at the gym. I no longer binge eat and then crash diet, which is strange to say as this disordered way of eating was a source of pain and misery for me and a way of life for me, from which I thought I would never escape. My work has improved, and I am able to multi-task and keep my focus in a highly stressful environment, something I never thought I would be able to do. My friendships and relationships have all improved tremendously. I have become a much more open, confident, sociable, and dependable person. I no longer keep people at arm’s length and am able to be myself around people, and my social anxiety has decreased dramatically. Of course, I’m not perfect all of a sudden and there is no cure for ADHD, but this has been the most profoundly positive and lifechanging event, perhaps in my life. Knowing that there is nothing “wrong” with me and that I have a condition that simply makes me different, has helped to explain a lot of things, and also gives me so much hope for the future. Before this I thought I was lazy and stupid, and that life was pretty much hopeless. Now I have so much I want to achieve and do! The past 6 months have been a rollercoaster with treatment. In the beginning I was suffering from intense anxiety, mainly due to life circumstances and very much appreciated the words of kindness and reassurance from you and Lisa. More recently, I have struggled to get shared-care agreement with my GP practice to prescribe me my medication, and you have been so helpful in getting that agreed for me and for ensuring that they didn’t switch me to a different medication. Thank you so much for this and all you have done. I hope I have illustrated above just how much of a difference this has made to my life.



In both the public and private sectors of the medical sector, my son had faced many difficulties during our endeavour to find the correct help (diagnosis, treatment and management of ADHD/ADD).  We were running from pillar to post seeking help, but ultimately, our efforts were all in vain.  In 2018, a friend suggested to me to contact ADHD 360. The first consultation we had with Dr Phil Anderton and everything following on from that initial consultation has resulted in nothing less than a bliss of positive outcomes for my son, and for our family as a whole.

The team at ADHD 360 treat each individual patient with a holistic approach. They not only assessed, diagnosed and treated ADHD, but also supported my son with issues that sprung up. Many a time, I felt that their support and care was akin to that of a loving family. I can wholeheartedly say that I could not have chosen a better team to treat my son. Lisa Mangle and Phil Anderton are two amazing people, who held out a helping hand for my son and pulled him out of his suffering. Thanks to their help, my son is now progressing further with his higher education and is currently undertaking a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering.

The highly experienced, caring and considerate professional team at ADHD 360 are the best in UK. I am able to say so with confidence as I am a senior Medical Specialist, who has worked both nationally and internationally. My son and I would like to express our deep gratitude to the wonderful team of professionals and administrators at ADHD 360.

ADHD 360 Patient

Sally Smith

Lisa was incredibly helpful and understanding. I was very nervous about the diagnostic appointment but she immediately put me at ease and her obvious expertise was really reassuring. I’ve never used private healthcare before and was reluctant to do so, but given the NHS’ lack of specialism and the year or more waiting list I felt it was necessary on this occasion. I’m really lucky somebody recommended ADHD 360 to me, they were excellent.



The service in your clinic is excellent and to even compare it to the service at CAMHS is like comparing a rolls Royce to a bike. So thank you for that.

ADHD 360 Patient

Helen Johnson

I promised to send an email about my experience with ADHD 360 so far so here we go…

My diagnosis has made a world of difference.  It’s impossible to cover everything but things have changed for the best and in ways I would have never anticipated.

I am more organised and decisive and I trust my own thoughts and opinions.  I am more comfortable and confident in meetings.

My home is more organised and I’m more on top of things.  Things aren’t always left until the last minute.

My head no longer spins and I know where things are.  Previously, I’d be in tears, tearing around the house looking for keys etc.

I worried about how people perceived me and felt generally unworthy.  It’s almost as though I  finally feel like a responsible adult and not someone who’s just been fortunate enough to wing it without being found out.  I didn’t believe compliments and thought everything was flattery.

I had dreadful restless legs in the evenings and ate like a horse.  I had no control over my binge eating and remember how food brought me comfort as a child.  I remember feeling a strange discomfort when staying at a friend’s house as I had no control over what and when I could eat.  I now eat properly, which for me, is incredible.

My marriage is better without a doubt.  I’m more attentive.  My husband often complained I didn’t listen and forgot what he’d said.  I just felt picked on and could be quite hostile when cornered, especially when he foiled my white lies designed to cover up my forgetfulness.

I could go on!!

I really want to thank ADHD 36O for recognising my diagnosis and treating me so quickly.  Nicky has been wonderful to talk to and wasted no time in treating me.  I am truly thankful for that as I was in a bad place.  Only an hour after taking medication did I know that I was on the right path.  I felt myself relax and my head stopped spinning.  I am overwhelmed that one tablet a day has changed my life and I now have a greater understanding of who I am and why things have been so difficult.

At the weekend when nothing specific was happening, I’d feel an unpleasant boredom which seemed paralysing.  I’d take ages to motivate myself to get dressed.  I felt aimless, tired and low.  In the evening and if I was alone, the same would happen, even when I had plenty outstanding.  This would often result in a food binge and cause me to feel incredibly low. Since my treatment, I am motivated and use my free time productively.  I am better at being alone and no longer fill the space with food or hours of pointless social media.  I actually enjoy feeling organised and don’t have a constant anxiety bubbling away about things I need to do.

Age 43


“We just wanted to pass on some feedback following Paolo’s assessment and him starting on Elvanse.

We have noticed a BIG difference. Life is not perfect but he is certainly a lot more manageable.

The medication has given time to reflect before responding (less impulsive) and his finally able to get on with his learning. I cannot tell you how many times we taught him timetables, reading the time etc, only for him to forget it all again. The frustration was huge.

School was initially reluctant to medication but this is some of their feedback:

Week 1 on Elvanse: ‘Paolo had his best day yet today! He was positive and smiley all day. A huge well done to you Paolo!
Week 2 on Elvanse: Another superb week for Paolo. He has worked hard and been a pleasure to teach! (no one ever told me before he was a pleasure to teach to!
Week 4; What a brilliant week for Paolo! Superb attitude and behaviour all week! Paolo is determined to show us just what a bright and wonderful young men he is. We are so proud of you Paolo. Well done.
Week 5; Paolo was so kind and thoughtful to another pupil at playtime today! He is making so much progress socially and academically. I am so proud of him!
Week  6 We had a call to review his support plan: from being put forward for an EHCP, he does no longer require it and has a minimal support plan!!!! His teacher said that she could not be more proud of him for the progress he has made.

So whilst life is not perfect, it is a lot better! Our only regret is not having it done sooner!!!! I am now going to be assessed and so is my husband!!! Age 45 and 52!!!”

ADHD 360 Patient


Harry has gone from this… “and when we ordered an ice cream at the zoo they didn’t have what he wanted he just ran off almost got hit by the train we have been battling nhs but things are getting worse” with an initial screening result of 71 on SNAP4.

Harry is now screening at 15 and his mother has said this about him and his care…” I just wanted to share with you that Harry is doing amazing at his new school he is starting to read and doing maths and science and cooking and he is loving it, this is his Christmas card he designed all by himself and I wanted to share with you and thank you for all your support. Harry also received a diagnosis of tic disorder by nhs last week.

ADHD 360 Patient


At the beginning of Y8 after lockdown my son then 12 was really struggling in a classroom environment.
I was receiving a phone call home every single day for 2.5 weeks before they threatened to expel him !
I didn’t understand what was happening as he just wasn’t a naughty boy at all.

ADHD 360 was recommended to me by support at school and also a neighbour who works within mental health.
I choose an appointment within 2 weeks on line and did the video call with Lisa. I was optimistic but actually cannot
believe how quick things have changed and the difference in my son now.

It took 4 weeks to reach the recommended dose. We still found at first mornings were a struggle so he now`s takes his medication at 7am before school at 8:30am
He is soo much calmer and has managed 2.5 weeks now at school without no issues or incidence and have received praise phone calls and emails.
I have not noticed any negative side effects either.

Lisa keeps in touch and If I email her with any queries I get a reply within the day.

ADHD360 have wrote to our doctor with the diagnosis who has wrote to CAMHS to take over the care of his medication.

I would 100% recommend ADHD360. I can’t believe how much better and easier life seems to be now

ADHD 360 Patient


We have had a series of parent teacher consultations for Lewis over the past couple of weeks, all virtual (although Lewis is being taught in school) each day they are just not allowing parents into the school. They have strict rules around drop off and pick up as well!

Back to the parent teacher consultations! We have been utterly amazed and so proud at every single teacher and the feedback on Lewis. The words used include:

Engaged, Focused, Enthusiastic, Great Achievement, Fantastic Listener, Positive, etc. in fact there has been no negative words used at all. He is described as being a child that is a pleasure to have in their classes and that he is always so polite in asking a question when he does not understand something. He doesn’t even need the extra time for most subjects anymore in relation to his dyslexia. He is recognizing his own weaknesses, i.e. rushing to finish and not always reading the words slowly enough and he has found ways around this happening! Finally, with regards to his assessment grades as they do now have regular little tests he is getting 6 or 7/8 for the subjects he is really excelling in like science and math’s and most other subjects are 5 or 6 /8. He has started Spanish and is still learning German and if he had not been doing as well we would have been asked if he could drop Spanish as a second language, but they feel he is achieving well enough (and used words like achieving his potential) in grade 6 (equivalent of year 7 in the UK) – which I never dreamt we would hear! Especially as he has had to be so much more organized and responsible now he has moved into the first year of middle school.

I really cannot thank you enough for the diagnosis and advice you have given us for Lewis, we are so proud of him and I think you would see a huge difference from the dis-organized and struggling young boy who just could not focus on anything including eating dinner with us as a family. I really do hope we will be able to catch up soon so that I can hear all your news but as you can see Lewis’s life has been changed by the guidance and support you have given us with his diagnosis and words really cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for Lewis and us as a family.

ADHD 360 Patient