Clinical supervision

Providing greater job satisfaction and less stress for our clinicians

Clinical supervision at ADHD 360.

Clinical supervision involves a supportive relationship between supervisor and supervisee that facilitates reflective learning and is part of professional socialisation. Clinical supervision can take many different forms and is often adapted to suit local circumstances. At ADHD 360 we have a robust approach to developing our clinical team and we are proud of our investment in clinical supervision. We find that our high-quality clinical supervision leads to greater job satisfaction and less stress amongst our clinical teams.

The Department of Health in its document Making a Difference

recognised how activities such as clinical supervision needed to be developed, strengthened and integrated into the wider clinical governance programme, with clear links to annual appraisal and personal development planning.

We took that to heart at 360 and at ADHD 360 we do not see clinical supervision in isolation; it is an essential element of our clinical governance and a journey of exploration and discovery which embodies professional and personal development, with the overall aim of enhancing clinical and professional practice.

Clinical supervision enables our clinical team to develop their skills and knowledge by actively reflecting on their everyday practice. It enables our team to problem-solve rather than see challenges to practice as barriers, restricting creativity and innovation.

More importantly it gets them talking about their practice, something there is often little time to do.

Our approach to Clinical Supervision

We proudly

We proudly appointed an external supervisor, Caroline Bleakley to oversee direct and lead our clinical supervision programme. Caroline’s work is augmented by our Clinical Director, Lisa Mangle, who will also supervising our clinical staff.

We aim to

We aim to have supervision for each clinician monthly, and this is active, participative, supervision; with the supervisor in the clinic with the clinician, watching, coaching and supporting to ensure the highest of standards are met.

Our records

Our supervision records are documented and stored on our clinical platform, Chrysalis HR.

Our Approach To Clinical Supervision

About Caroline Bleakley

Caroline is a leader in her field, respected the world over, and she is herself a clinician with the very highest of standards.

Qualifying as a doctor in Leeds in 1990, Caroline, after a variety of house officer jobs in Adult Surgery, Cardiology, and Medicine went on to a Senior House Officer role in Accident and Emergency in Leeds. She completed the Sheffield 3 year Vocational Training Scheme and qualified as a GP. This led to working with children, particularly paediatrics and Caroline went on to further paediatric training working as a Paediatric Registrar at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital with time in developmental paediatrics. It is here she met her mentor Dr Val Harpin and started working regularly in clinics at the Ryegate Children’s Centre in Sheffield, moving on to full time neurodevelopmental paediatrics which led, in 2004, to her current position as the Associate Specialist In Paediatric Neurodisability.

Caroline is also the Trust’s lead for ADHD. Caroline is often witnessed presenting at national and international conferences and also assists the development of international pharmaceutical services as an advisor.

Caroline is published and is considered by all, especially those at ADHD 360, to be an expert in her field.