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We are incredibly impressed with his progress and cannot thank the 360 team enough for their professional and efficient approach to a very challenging situation.

Parent of a 9 year old


I don’t have a lot of money at all, but i am glad i spent what i had on me, it was well worth it and i’m earning more now and much happier anyway!

Aged 48

Listen to our ADHD success: Mati’s ADHD story

Success from treatment comes in many ways. We would like to take a moment to display a wonderful piece of music from one of our recent patients, Mati. Before our help, Mati was unable to focus enough to learn and play music of this complexity and on many occasions, she gave up the piano. Now, thanks to our treatment for her ADHD she’s mastered this wonderful piece of music because she’s finally been able to sit, enjoy, focus and learn.

Mati's ADHD Success Story