ADHD 360 Terms and Conditions

We thought we would set out for our patients the Terms and Conditions in relation to our assessment and treatment of ADHD. Final details are confirmed as you ‘onboard’ with us in our online portal Chrysalis and when, and if, a diagnosis is confirmed, as you engage with us with a treatment pathway.

  1. ADHD 360, will take all necessary steps to protect your privacy and information
  2. ADHD 360 will need to review, use, and disclose information about the patient, their medical/psychiatric diagnosis and treatment to other professionals or care providers
  3. You will be expected to give permission for ADHD 360 to share information with my GP, the NHS and/or other Specialists, as required
  4. You will be expected the best of your knowledge, provide your accurate physical and mental health history and status
  5. It will be your constant responsibility to inform ADHD 360 of any changes in your medical status, psychiatric/mental health and social status
  6. ADHD 360 will perform a full assessment and may request other investigations, as required, at times these may prevent ADHD 360 from commencing treatment until your clinician believes it is safe to continue
  7. It is the responsibility of the patient, or their representative, to ensure that they attend pre-booked assessment appointments with ADHD360
  8. Failure to attend a pre-booked assessment appointment will be managed in accordance with ADHD360 Refund Policy which is available on our website
  9. ADHD 360 will not commence treatment until you have agreed to your treatment plan and ADHD 360 will follow the agreed treatment plan fully, anticipating compliance with the agreement from the perspective of the patient
  10. At ADHD360, we believe that care should continue beyond assessment via either a medical or non-medical treatment package and we encourage all our patients to pursue recommended treatment. By selecting a Gold or Platinum package during your registration with ADHD360 you understand that our expectation is that, should you receive a positive diagnosis, you will continue to receive care from us within our package pathway
  11. You should be aware that your treatment if medical, may carry a risk of side-effects, withdrawal symptoms and possibly other complications. These effects may be heightened if you do not comply with, or adhere to, clinical instructions and/or if you exceed the recommended prescribed dosages of medication. If this were to continue ADHD 360 may remove treatment without notice on the grounds of patient safety
  12. You should understand that it is also at your discretion to stop treatment or investigations, however, if you decide to do so, you understand that this may carry serious risk of side-effects, withdrawal symptoms and/or other complications, for which you solely will take responsibility
  13. You should understand that if you breach the details of ADHD 360s terms and conditions or withdraw from service you remain fully liable for any payments that are due to ADHD 360
  14. You should understand that if you decide to withdraw from your treatment plan you will be under contract to pay the due fees to ADHD 360 as negotiated and decided at the time of diagnosis, these are contained in your Patient Agreement Form and / or invoice
  15. ADHD 360 offer treatment in packages of care; with fees on an annual Continuation of the service provided by ADHD 360 is reliant on fees being paid as agreed. Year 1 includes assessment and the formulation of your treatment plan, subsequent years, invoiced at anniversary of assessment include reviews of care, access to the clinical team for advice, consultations and ongoing support. All fees must be paid for as set out in the ‘pricing pages’ of this website
  16. You should understand that ADHD 360 is offering an Outpatient Consultation Service only. ADHD 360 is unable to treat patients in crisis, emergency, or high-risk situations within, or outside working hours. If your mental health condition deteriorates, and you believe you are in an emergency or crisis situation, e.g. having suicidal thoughts, considering harm to yourself, others, or to property, or if you are at risk from others, you should immediately inform a relative/carer and contact the local NHS Crisis Team, go to the nearest A&E, or call an Ambulance or Police on 999 or 111 for immediate support.