Phil Anderton

About Me

Phil Anderton specialises in designing and running services for ADHD, and he is responsible for designing a national standard for ADHD services and recently a new innovative model of care that involves GPs in patient care. Phil first came into the ADHD ‘world’ in 2001 when he recognised and began to work with young people who were not getting the right treatment for their ADHD and as a consequence were not making the most of their lives. His book ‘The Tipping Points’ sold out in hard copy and is now only available on Amazon in electronic format. Phil is a coach and mentor and advises national ADHD charities on all matters relating to ADHD. He delivers lectures and seminars on ADHD internationally, and he has published papers in the UK and abroad. He has coached senior managers in the retail sector, managed the development of graduate entrants into PwC’s consultancy business and trained senior leaders across the Middle East. As a management consultant, and PhD, Phil is recognised globally as an expert in ADHD services, and he has been instrumental in ensuring that ADHD360 delivers the best service available.

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