ADHD Courses at The ADHD 360 Academy

At ADHD 360, we’re passionate about the wonderful world of ADHD.

Our ADHD Courses are for current mental health professionals who want to specialise in ADHD or people who want to kick-start a career in the ADHD medical field.

We have designed a series of ADHD courses that are perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about this fascinating condition.

Whether you’re:

A qualified non-medical prescribing nurse looking to progress their career as a specialist ADHD nurse, through our Advanced Practitioners ADHD Training For Professionals Programme.

Or maybe you already work in mental health – or are a parent who wants to kick start their career in ADHD – our Professional Introduction to ADHD Course is for you.

Each course is packed full of useful information and is delivered in a fun and engaging way.

The latest ADHD Courses available at The ADHD 360 Academy:

The Advanced ADHD Practitioners Training For Professionals Programme

This course is for medical professionals who are looking to advance their careers in mental health and ADHD to an advanced level.

The Professional Introduction to ADHD Course

This course is a fantastic entry programme for people who want to kick-start a career in ADHD. This all-rounded introduction covers all bases.

Why we set up the Academy...

Why We Set Up The Academy

Over the last few years, ADHD 360 has treated, worked with, presented to, supported, coached and learned from people who are involved at every stage of the ADHD cycle.

This includes:

  • ADHD patients
  • ADHD clinicians
  • ADHD educators
  • Parents of children with ADHD
  • Teachers with ADHD experience
  • The National Health Service (NHS)
  • And worldwide health professionals

Now, we want to share our knowledge with the goal of increasing the national pool of suitably qualified, confident and competent Specialists in ADHD. Creating better understanding universally and providing more accessibility nationally for patients.

The Benefits of our ADHD Courses & what they provide

Each of our ADHD courses are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of ADHD.

You’ll learn about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, as well as the latest research on the condition. Overall, the courses can help professionals to better understand the condition, and how to effectively manage it.

Additionally, you’ll learn from leading experts in the ADHD field, gaining a deep understanding of this complex condition. They’ll help professionals to develop specific strategies and techniques that can be used when working with individuals with ADHD.

Ultimately, the goal of our ADHD courses are to help professionals provide the best possible care and support for those with ADHD.

Our courses are also practical, so you’ll come away with lots of useful tips and strategies that you can put into place straight away.

Our expert trainers provide materials to support your learning that you can take away, enabling you to refer back to the course in the future of your new career steps.

There are many people who need help diagnosing, treating, supporting and managing ADHD, so there is always a need for professionals with the right training.

Our ADHD Courses are provided by experts who work within the field of ADHD at our very own UK Leading, private ADHD Clinic – ADHD 360.

The learning modules will be evidence-based, developed from the roots of real-life ADHD – much more practical than just textbook theory-based learning.

The benefits you can expect from our ADHD courses are:

  • Access to an experienced, practical knowledge bank including Q & A with ADHD specialists.
  • New career options.
  • The potential of an ADHD career with ADHD 360.
  • The specialist perspective on mental health and ADHD.
The Benefits of our ADHD Courses

How to get started on one of our ADHD Courses

Getting started on one of our Academy ADHD Courses is simple:

  • You can choose to book and pay now for your course through our secure online payment system; securing your place on the next Academy course right away.
  • If you would like to receive an invoice and pay through BACS (or other payment method), you can fill in the details below with the request and an Academy leader will be in touch to organise this with you.
  • If you would to speak to someone first, for more information on the academy or to request a payment plan; contact us on the form below with your request and an Academy leader will be in touch to answer any questions or arrange a payment plan.

Are you interested in an ADHD Course?

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Why Choose an ADHD Course At The ADHD 360 Academy?

As a practising specialist ADHD Clinic, we provide diagnosis, treatment and support to patients day in, day out.

Therefore, the resource provided in a course by ADHD 360 Academy provides more valuable resources and insight into the world of ADHD.

By taking that practical day-in-day-out experience of a leading ADHD clinic and combining it with traditional ADHD learning; we’re able to provide a truly unique set of ADHD courses.

Our courses cover a range of topics, including:

  • The basics of ADHD
  • The ADHD Impact
  • The Latest ADHD research
  • Strategies
  • Medication
  • Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Process and clinic
  • Support & coaching
  • Plus much more!
Why Choose ADHD 360

We run our training courses in a closed, small, intimate group setting. This means that we don’t aim to pack out conference halls full of people. Instead, our groups will consist of 8-10 people maximum.

The result: the perfect opportunity to have those 1-to-1 openings with our experts, along with like-minded people who are all there with the same passions and goals in mind.

With expert advice and guidance from medical professionals who are actively working in the field, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to better understand ADHD.

About ADHD 360

ADHD 360 was founded by three remarkable people. Lisa Mangle – an ex-teacher turned nurse who became and remains one of the UK’s leading clinicians in the field of ADHD for both children and adults truly needs little introduction.

Jen Lewis-Neill – herself a specialist ADHD nurse in both the adult and paediatric fields, had previously set up and managed clinics across the North West of England and as a consequence was invited to be a key member of the team that decided the content of the NG87 NICE Guidelines.

Dr Phil Anderton – having worked in the field of ADHD for 20 years, he has recently emerged from 2 years embedded in our NHS improving clinical pathways for ADHD in both the adult and children setting.

Bringing these 3 founders together set the tone for excellence in the ‘360 model’ of patient care.

About ADHD 360

Payment Plan Options For Our ADHD Courses.

Payment Plan Options

Your investment, or that of your employer, is targeted at being affordable.

  • Our fee structure is competitive
  • It offers great value for money
  • It recognises the competence you will gain by attending this structured, well-delivered programme.

If you are investing in your own professional development, talk to us about structured payment plan options.

We believe and encore medical professionals to continuously learn and advance in their ADHD careers.

Financial situations differ from person-to-person and advanced training can seem off-putting when the thought of parting with a lump sum all at once could create a negative situation.

For that reason and to help encourage professionals in their own development, we offer payment plan options for all of our ADHD training courses.

We’re keen to hear from you and your interest in the course. Please fill out our form above and we’ll call you back with no obligation to discuss a payment option that may work for you.

We can also answer any questions you may have about the course.

Register Your Interest In Future ADHD Courses.

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We encourage you to register your interest today for our upcoming future ADHD Training Courses.

Our courses are updated all the time. By filling in the form below, we’ll ensure that you are kept up to date with any new releases, openings, discounts and opportunities.

For more details, please email or call 01507 534 181 and ask for an Academy Leader.

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