Imran Chohan

Specialist ADHD Pharmacist

ADHD 360 Imran Chohan

Imran Chohan

Specialist ADHD Pharmacist


  • BSc in Pharmacy


  • PG Diploma in Community Pharmacy


  • Non-Medical Independent and Supplementary Prescribing


  • PG Diploma in Clinical Practice


  • Advanced ADHD Practitioner

    CPD Certified - ADHD 360 Academy


About Me

As a multi-skilled Pharmacist with 30-years’ qualified experience, I have worked extensively across most disciplines of the profession. I am also an Advanced Clinical Practitioner who has experience of working in urgent care, out-of-hours GP services, and can assess category 3 and 4 ambulance patients. I attended and successfully graduated from the ADHD 360 CPD accredited academy and preceptorship program, in 2022.

I have the specialist knowledge and expertise as an Advanced ADHD Practitioner to assess, diagnose, and prescribe evidence-based medicines for the treatment of ADHD in both adults and children.

As a Pharmacist, I have statutory registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) that is renewed annually. I have also been a continuous member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (MRPharmS) for the past 30 years.

It has been an honour and a privilege to have been appointed to several clinical, teaching, leadership, management and committee roles in hospitals, out-of-hours GP services, clinical commissioning, general practice, community healthcare, intermediate care, high-tech homecare, and community pharmacy chains. This diverse background has enriched my personal development, and given me an enhanced exposure to a wide range of organisational cultures, professional disciplines, and therapeutic areas.

My career highlights include Clinical Mentor at the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE), Head of Medicines Management, Medication Safety Officer (MSO), and Business Development Manager for a community pharmacy group.

I am committed to continuous professional development (CPD) activities to stay abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in the field of ADHD. I proactively undertake regular learning and engage in ADHD 360 CPD accredited training sessions to enhance my knowledge and skills. This ensures that I adhere to the highest professional standards and always uphold ethical practices.

The best part of my job is listening to patients attentively, making sure to always assess with focus and empathy, then witnessing their positive transformation and improved quality of life, when the evidence-based ADHD medicine is stable and optimised. My role is to support patients by making clinical decisions safely, giving them the confidence to navigate through their journey of life ahead, whilst achieving goals of successful ADHD treatment.

While I am not directly involved in research, clinical trials, or publications, I regularly undertake professional development activities to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in ADHD. CPD is an integral part of my commitment to providing the best care and support to patients. I have previously been a regular member of Medicines Management Committees, for which I performed drug reviews, presented my evidence-based papers and managed the addition of new therapies to the hospital formulary.

Outside of my professional life, I have diverse interests that keep me engaged and balanced. A childhood passion to take landscape photography, learn about ancient civilisations, and taste authentic culinary delights, has inspired me to travel extensively around the world to destinations such as Japan, and New Zealand. I also enjoy reading about the latest advances in medicine, science, and technology, and have a keen interest in gemmology.

Overall, I am passionate to making a positive impact on patients with ADHD, by supporting them through assessment, explaining the diagnosis, and prescribing evidence-based medicines, to transform their journey in life ahead.