Heather Toner

Nurse Practitioner

ADHD 360 Heather Toner

Heather Toner

Nurse Practitioner


  • Registered General Nurse


  • Non Medical Prescriber


  • Advanced ADHD Practitioner

    CPD Certified - ADHD 360 Academy


About Me

I am a Clinical Specialist Nurse with 25 years of experience in substance misuse, public health, addiction services, safeguarding, and early access to psychological therapy. My focus has been on working with vulnerable populations in both inpatient and community settings, both nationally and globally.

For the past 13 years, I have been collaborating with an ADHD service for adults entering treatment after addiction.

I specialise in understanding the relationship between self-medication and addictive patterns of behaviour. Additionally, I have a keen interest in brain development and the impact of trauma. My work in homeless health within various hostels has further shaped my expertise in these areas.

I am a member of Doctors Without Borders (MSF), an organisation dedicated to providing medical assistance in crisis zones. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work in post-disaster areas, supporting displaced people and refugees in countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Zambia, Congo, and Zimbabwe.

I am also a member of NHIVNA, which connects HIV nurses across the UK, and The Queen's Nursing Institute, which focuses on community nursing and homeless health.

I have been involved in various research projects, including work with the Liverpool Tropical School of Medicine on migrant health, HIV rapid testing, post-test counselling, PTSD and alcohol dependence, and the use of EMDR in recovery.

I have also been involved in the rehabilitation of Haitian earthquake survivors with spinal injuries and amputations, both as a clinician and a fundraiser.

The best part of my job is watching people recover, build resilience, and move forward in life.

I have practiced Kundalini yoga for 25 years and have volunteered to support Paralympic sports in Stoke Mandeville. Living by the coast allows me to enjoy the calming presence of the sea while walking my dogs.