Hadeeqa Bibi

Specialist ADHD Pharmacist

ADHD 360 Hadeeqa Bibi

Hadeeqa Bibi

Specialist ADHD Pharmacist


  • Master of Pharmacy


  • Foundation Pharmacy Practice

    Post Graduate Diploma


  • Advanced ADHD Practitioner

    CPD Certified - ADHD 360 Academy


About Me

I am a dedicated professional with a passion for the field of ADHD. In 2018, I completed my Master of Pharmacy degree, which provided me with a solid foundation in pharmacy practice. Building upon this, I pursued further education and obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Foundation Pharmacy Practice, enhancing my knowledge and skills in delivering quality pharmaceutical care.

In 2022, I obtained certification as an Advanced ADHD Practitioner through the ADHD 360 Academy. This CPD-certified course has equipped me with specialised expertise in ADHD assessment, diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment approaches.

In addition to my educational achievements, I am a member of the General Pharmaceutical Council, ensuring that I uphold the highest standards of professional practice in pharmacy.

Throughout my career, I have been committed to continuous professional development, participating in various CPD activities and staying abreast of the latest research and advancements in the field of ADHD. This ongoing learning enables me to provide the most up-to-date and effective care to my patients.

I have a deep passion for making a positive impact in the lives of individuals with ADHD. Witnessing the transformative progress that individuals make with appropriate diagnosis and treatment is the most rewarding aspect of my job.

While I am not currently involved in research, clinical trials, or publications, I remain open to future opportunities to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of ADHD.

Outside of my professional life, I have a range of hobbies and interests that help me maintain a well-rounded lifestyle. I enjoy going on walks, engaging in fitness activities at the gym, tending to my garden, immersing myself in reading, and cherishing quality time with my family.