National shortage pf medication for ADHD

National shortage of medication for ADHD

National shortage of medication for ADHD

We want to inform you of a national shortage of specific ADHD medication, to also discuss what we at ADHD 360 are doing to help you through these issues, and to advise you on what you can do to help yourself.

National Shortages

We have spoken with manufacturers, and wholesale suppliers of the most common ADHD medications. The difficulties in national, and for some international, supply are unavoidable and being worked on.

As an example, one of the major plants for manufacturing a specific ADHD medication, Elvanse, has had considerable processing issues and they have struggled, after a plant ‘outage’ to resume production to normal levels. The production team has kept wholesale companies informed and as far as possible, those wholesalers are keeping pharmacies up to date.

I am informed this will be resolved in 6-8 weeks. We are very fortunate to have a very strong relationship with manufacturers and Chemist4u has similar relationships with manufacturers and wholesale suppliers.

We receive daily updates on stock levels and as far as possible, regarding your medication requirements and safety of your treatment, we prescribe against the known availability. This is genuinely as good as we can make the situation for now. Regrettably, with these circumstances being out of our control, there is little more we can do.

The quickest way to get support

Subject line: "medication out of stock"

We have a dedicated team managing there emails.

PLEASE NOTE: Using the phone lines for this support will slow your journey to support. Phone requests will be logged and added to the medication out-of-stock email queue.

What are we doing to help

The senior clinical team at ADHD 360 is in constant dialogue with manufacturers, I met with Takeda on Monday, they produce Elvanse, and we have open channels of communication across the many facets of the complex supply chain, all focused on obtaining what we can for you, within the legal frameworks that exist – most medicines for ADHD are ‘controlled drugs’ and very tightly ‘controlled’.

We are also advising clinicians and patients wherever possible of alternative solutions, whether these are splitting a higher dose of medication over a number of days or taking an alternative medication.

Please do not initiate your own solution to this problem without specific advice from your clinician.

Our primary focus is on be on addressing the root causes of our patient issues and providing comprehensive support for you, which is a commitment we are dedicated to fulfilling.

We understand that you may be experiencing frustration and concern, and we are committed to collaborating closely with you to effectively manage these concerns to the best of our abilities.

What you can do to help

We need you to recognise that this issue is firstly not of our making and then help us to manage the issues and demand on us for information and help.

Your safety, and the continuation of your medication regime, are paramount for us. Whilst we are not responsible for the stock issues, we will do what we can to support our patients where we can.

Please be assured, we are doing our very best.

Kind Regards,
Phil Anderton
Managing Director - ADHD 360