Booking your private ADHD assessment

ADHD remains a widely undiagnosed condition, affecting countless adults and children globally. When left unassessed and unidentified, ADHD often leads to a lifetime of missed opportunities and unfulfilled potential.

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Booking Your Private ADHD Assessment

Each persons journey begins with an ADHD assessment

ADHD 360 is one of the UK’s largest single specialist ADHD clinics, changing people’s lives one patient at a time.

The importance of having

an ADHD assessment

Importance Of An Assessment

For someone with ADHD, the outcome of an ADHD assessment is an ADHD Diagnosis.

The importance of an ADHD diagnosis for someone with ADHD can’t be overstated. It is a key that unlocks a myriad of opportunities for better understanding yourself and improving your life, or the life of a child.

A formal diagnosis isn’t to serve as a label. It offers a roadmap for targeted treatments, specialised support, and, perhaps most importantly, self-awareness.

Recognising ADHD as a part of your or your child’s identity can help in isolating the specific challenges and strengths that come with it. This, in turn, can be invaluable in school, work, and social situations, where tailored strategies can replace one-size-fits-all expectations.

In essence, an ADHD diagnosis is not an endpoint but a starting point—a first step toward a more focused, organised, and fulfilling life. By understanding the full scope of your or your child’s mental landscape, you’re laying the groundwork for a future that is not defined by limitations, but by potential.

Why You Should Get Diagnosed For ADHD

An ADHD assessment for everyone

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Adult ADHD assessments

Many adults go through life feeling "off" but unable to pinpoint why.

They struggle with organisation, focus, and impulsivity but write it off as personal shortcomings rather than signs of ADHD. As a result, they miss out on opportunities for meaningful work, satisfying relationships, and a sense of peace within themselves.

That's why an ADHD assessment is particularly important for adults:
It offers an avenue for understanding and treating these long-standing struggles.

At ADHD 360, our assessment process for adults is tailored to diagnose not just ADHD but also support in identifying co-existing conditions that frequently accompany it.

The goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of your mental health landscape, so we can set you on a path toward a more fulfilling future.

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ADHD Adult Feeling 'Off' ADHD Virtual Assessment
Child ADHD Assessments

Child ADHD assessments

Children with ADHD often face an uphill battle in environments designed for neurotypical kids, affecting not just their academic performance but also their social skills and self-esteem.

An early diagnosis can arm them with the strategies and support they need to navigate these challenges successfully. Furthermore, understanding that the difficulties they face are due to a diagnosable condition can relieve a lot of internal tension and confusion for the child.

At ADHD 360, our specialist child ADHD assessments are designed with the young mind in view. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts employs child-friendly diagnostic tools and an empathetic approach to make the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible for both the child and their caregivers.

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The ADHD assessment process

We focus on more than just your diagnosis.

Our ADHD assessment process stands out for its holistic, thorough, and technology-driven approach.

Leveraging the power of technology and expertise, we have created an efficient, user-friendly ADHD assessment experience for our patients.

We deeply analyse the impact of ADHD symptoms on your daily life, ensuring that we have all of the facts about you, making our assessments considerably more tailored and person-centred.

We're also proud to offer virtual assessments and clinician follow ups. Coupled with the convenience of our digital tools such as online scheduling and virtual consultations, we ensure accessibility and efficiency.

We're not merely diagnosing, we're helping you understand, manage, and transform ADHD into an opportunity for growth.

An ADHD Screening Test

to understand ADHD symptoms

Learn about screening +

Our ADHD assessment process starts with a comprehensive ADHD screening test. This screening test doesn’t cost anything to use and forms the foundation of our personalised, technology-driven evaluation.

What the Screening Test Consists Of

The ADHD screening test, at its core, is designed around the recognised criteria encapsulated in the Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale (ASRS) and The Swanson, Nolan, and Pelham-IV Questionnaire (SNAP-IV).

The ASRS is a comprehensive 18-item scale reflecting the diagnostic indicators of ADHD. It measures symptoms of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity on a 5-point Likert scale.

In comparison, the SNAP-IV is a 26-item questionnaire specifically developed to evaluate ADHD symptoms and oppositional defiant disorder behaviours in children and adolescents. It gauges the frequency of symptom occurrence on a 4-point scale and is commonly filled out by parents or teachers to provide an all-encompassing view of the child's behaviour across various settings.

Together, these two internationally recognised tools enable ADHD 360 to compile uniform data on your symptoms and behaviours, thereby paving the pathway to a personalised, in-depth ADHD assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan.

The ADHD Screening Test
How to start the ADHD screening test

Starting your ADHD screening test is the first step towards your ADHD assessment. It is simple, straightforward and free to use. You need to sign up on our online portal, fill out your personal details, and you can begin the screening test straight away.

It won’t take you long to complete, but it’s best practise to put the time aside to complete it without distraction. We also recommend asking someone who knows you well, be it a family member or friend, to provide their opinions on your own answers to the questions. Sometimes, others recognise symptoms and behaviours in you that you don’t recognise in yourself.

It’s also very important that you are very honest during the questions. Don’t feel like you need to rush it, and if you need to step away to think about the answers, it’s very easy to login and pick up where you left off.

This initial step is the start of your journey with ADHD 360, leading towards understanding, managing, and transforming ADHD into an opportunity for personal growth.

Starting Your ADHD Screening Assessment
An ADHD Screening Test

Choose a package of care

and pay your assessment fee

Learn about our packages +
Choosing the Right Treatment Package

At ADHD 360, we provide a variety of treatment packages designed to meet the different needs of our patients with ADHD. Each package is crafted with an understanding of the varied aspects of ADHD, aiming to offer care that aligns with your individual requirements.

Choosing the Right Treatment Package

  • Gold Package: Our Gold package is the most popular choice, offering comprehensive care at an effective cost. It includes all essential elements required for effective ADHD treatment and management.
  • Platinum Package: The Platinum package extends beyond the Gold package, providing additional support and services, such as extra letter writing, catering to those who require more extensive assistance.

Making Payment for Your Chosen Package

  • Payment Process: After selecting your treatment package, the next step is to complete the payment. This process is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Payment Methods: You can make payments using various methods, including credit and debit cards. We prioritise your convenience and ensure the security of your transactions.
  • Flexible Payment Options: We understand that affordability is crucial. Therefore, we offer flexible payment plans to accommodate different financial situations. This flexibility aims to make ADHD treatment accessible to everyone who needs it.
  • Customer Support: If you encounter any issues or have questions about the payment process, our dedicated support team is available to assist you. We are committed to making your experience with ADHD 360 as smooth and supportive as possible.
Choosing A Package Of Care
Choose A Package Of Care

Complete your ‘to-do’ list

so we have the full picture

Prepare step-by-step +
Complete your ‘to-do’ list so we have the full picture

Before your ADHD clinician can assess you, it's important they they understand you and your situation in advance and in depth. In order for this to happen, we ask you to complete a 'To-Do' list.

This list is not a mundane chore, but a crucial part of the diagnostic process. In addition to the information we gather from your ADHD screening, its purpose is to collect comprehensive information about your symptoms, behaviours, and medical history.

This information is key to providing a thorough diagnosis and ensuring we have all the facts at our disposal.

The 'To-Do' list is instrumental in painting a holistic picture of your condition, allowing us to understand how ADHD may be affecting your life. It ensures we don't miss any subtle indications or overlook any aspects of your history that could be valuable in diagnosis and treatment.

Collecting all this information is important because ADHD doesn't exist in isolation. It is often accompanied by other conditions and can be influenced by various factors from your history. Therefore, having all the facts at hand ensures we can provide an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that is truly tailored to your needs and circumstances. This attention to detail is what sets ADHD 360 apart and enables us to deliver personalised, effective care for every patient.

Completing Your To Do List
Complete Your To Do List

Securing your appointment

by booking your Assessment

Learn about booking +
Secure Your Appointment

Securing your appointment for an ADHD assessment is a straightforward step in your journey. Here's how you can ensure your assessment is scheduled promptly and efficiently:

  • Appointment Confirmation: Once the deposit is paid and your 'To-Do' list is complete, you'll be prompted to confirm your assessment appointment. This step is quick and ensures that your journey to diagnosis and treatment is on track.
  • Choosing a Convenient Time: We offer the flexibility to choose an appointment time that best fits your schedule. It's important for us that the assessment process is convenient for you.
  • Virtual Assessment Option: To make your experience as comfortable as possible, our assessments are virtual. This allows you to participate in the assessment from a location of your choice.
  • Preparation for the Assessment: For the assessment, ensure you have a quiet space without interruptions and a reliable internet connection. Having any relevant documents or notes at hand can also be beneficial.
  • Reminder and Support: We will send you a reminder for your appointment. Should you have any questions or need support before your assessment, our team is always ready to assist.
Securing Your Appointment
Payment And Booking

Your ADHD assessment

with our specialist clinician

Learn about the assessment +
Your ADHD assessment

Your official ADHD assessment is the final step in discovering if you have an ADHD Diagnosis. It’s also a crucial part of the process towards understanding and managing your symptoms.

It is a virtual assessment, ensuring your comfort and convenience regardless of where you are located. This means you can partake in a familiar and comfortable environment, which can give a more accurate representation of your day-to-day behaviours.

The assessment will be conducted by one of our very own specialist ADHD clinicians, with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating ADHD.

At this point, we have gathered a range of information regarding your symptoms, struggles and history, all of which your clinician will be prepared with in advance. However, your assessment will dive further into all of that information, allowing your clinician to finalise unanswered questions, ensuring the process is thorough and individualised. Your clinician will focus on gaining a conclusive, comprehensive understanding of your symptoms, behaviours, and personal history.

This allows us to accurately pinpoint ADHD, and possibly any related conditions you may have.

Throughout your assessment, you'll have the opportunity to talk about your experiences, challenges, and goals in depth.

It’s important to know that your ADHD assessment is a conversation, not a test, and all information shared will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Remember, this assessment isn't about labelling, it's about understanding. It's a step towards unlocking your full potential and finding strategies to manage your symptoms effectively. Our dedicated team of professionals are here to support you throughout this journey.

Your ADHD Assessment
Your ADHD Assessment

Progressing to treatment

if you are diagnosed with ADHD

Learn about treatment +
Progressing To Treatment
ADHD Treatment
Receiving a diagnosis and progressing to ADHD treatment

Towards the end of your ADHD assessment, your clinician will inform you as whether or not you have an ADHD diagnosis.

Following the assessment, you will receive an official diagnosis letter for your records. However, the journey does not stop there. Before concluding your assessment, your clinician will discuss your next steps. For most individuals, this comes in the form of medicated ADHD treatment.

At ADHD 360, our experience has shown that medicated treatment is often the most effective course of action for treating and managing ADHD symptoms.

It's important to note that this is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and what works best can vary from person to person.

If medicated treatment isn't suitable, rest assured that your clinician will propose an alternative, non-medicated treatment plan.

Ultimately, our goal is to find the treatment plan that best suits your individual needs, fostering symptom management and overall wellbeing.

In addition to medication, your clinician might recommend additional supportive treatments to help you live a more fulfilled life. These could include ADHD coaching and ADHD counselling, which can be incredibly beneficial in managing ADHD symptoms and improving your overall wellbeing.

These strategies are part of our comprehensive approach to ADHD treatment and aftercare, ensuring that you receive the support and guidance you need on this journey.

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