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Our guide for how to apply for Access to Work for ADHD

ADHD can have a significant impact on your work life.

Your ADHD can make it difficult to focus on tasks, stay organised and control impulses. This can result in missed deadlines, mistakes, disciplinary action and sometimes dismissal.

However, there are things that can be done to help you with your ADHD at work, this brings us to the access to work scheme.

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What is Access to Work for ADHD?

Access to work is a government scheme put in place to support those with disabilities stay in work or start work.

Who Is Eligible?

Individuals who…

  • Are 16+
  • Have a condition or impairment that affects your ability to work or travel to work, like ADHD
  • Are looking for OR already in a paid job (including self employment)
  • Live and work in England, Scotland or Wales

What The Scheme May Cover

  • Practical support
  • A support worker or coaching for your condition
  • Adapted or specialist equipment
  • Transport to and from work

What The Scheme Won’t Cover

  • Changes that your employer must make under the Equality Act 2010
  • Support that your employer has provided previously
  • Equipment that is standard for the job
Access to Work Scheme

What you’ll need:

How your ADHD makes work harder

Make a list of all the ways your ADHD impacts your day at work no matter how big or small.

What help you’re currently getting?

Anything your employer is doing to help or anything you’re doing to help at the moment.

What help you think you need for work

If you’re not sure what you need or what might help, we’ve provided some suggestions below:

Your employment details

Your job title, employer, service details and your employment status (unemployed/ employed/self-employed).

A workplace contact

You’ll need to provide contact details for a workplace contact that can assist throughout your application.

Your details

Like any application they’ll need all your key details like your name, DOB and address.

Things that can help your ADHD at work

We’ve put together some suggestions based on common challenges in the workplace, that may help you manage your symptoms or overcome your challenges in the workplace.

Time management/ poor memory


  • Noise cancelling headphones
  • Sit down, stand up desk
  • Quiet space
  • Laptop (this will provide you with freedom to move to an area where you can focus better)


  • Under desk treadmill/bike
  • Wobble board
  • Exercise ball
  • Speech to text equipment/ software, for example Dragon Professional

Additional Suggestions

  • Large desk area
  • High quality seating/chair
  • Compatible devices e.g apple synchronised calendars & reminders
  • Additional screens
  • Coaching or counselling
  • Funding to use Coworking spaces (for those who work from home)

What happens after I apply?

After you submit your application you will be contacted by an Access to Work assessor to discuss in detail:

  • Your work circumstances
  • Your job
  • How your ADHD impacts your work

They may also speak to your employer and request a workplace inspection.

Processing times vary, but when you apply they’ll give you a rough estimate on how long you’ll need to wait for your Access to work for ADHD application appointment.

What Happens After You Apply
How can ADHD 360 help?

Our ADHD Coaches are specialists in helping those with ADHD overcome their workplace challenges.

Your ADHD coach can provide you with the tools and strategies you need to manage your ADHD symptoms at work.

This includes time management, organisation, and goal-setting skills.

You will learn how to advocate for yourself and find accommodations that work for you.

Access to work allows you to choose who provides your coaching support. If you’re interested in getting to know our coaches you can book a free 15-minute discovery call.

If you request coaching as part of your Access to Work for ADHD application they’ll as you to provide them with the pricing from your provider of choice.

Our pricing: Specialist workplace 1:1 ADHD Coaching – £100/ hour

You can find out more about our coaching offers on our Coaching and Family Support page.