ADHD in Girls

Start Your ADHD Diagnosis And Treatment Journey With ADHD 360: ADHD In Girls

If you’re here and reading this, it’s likely that you’ve been searching online for ADHD in Girls.

ADHD 360 is a specialist UK Private ADHD Clinic.

We offer We offer Diagnosis and Treatment to Boys, Girls, Children, Teenagers and Adults.

If you would like to find out if you or a loved one have ADHD, the process starts right here.

Step 1: Start your ADHD screening

Our screening tool will take you through through a series of questions that are used to screen ADHD in children.

Click the button below to begin, or you can also click ‘New Registration’ at the top of any page on the website.

ADHD In Girls: How our ADHD screening tool works

Quick & Easy

Our screening questions and software are quick and easy to operate. Please consider your questions and answers carefully. It’s important that you answer them as truthfully as you can.

At the end of the screening

You’ll be instantly given an indication as to whether your child may have ADHD or not. Our system works this out automatically based on your answers.

Your official diagnosis

We can’t say for certain your child has ADHD or not at the end of the screening questions, though. An official diagnosis will require a remote (zoom, teams or skype) assessment with one of our clinicians.

How Our Screening Tool Works

At the end of the screening questions, our system will guide you through taking an initial deposit for an assessment, and then booking in an assessment for a date that works around you.

If the assessment concludes that you do have a diagnosis for ADHD, we will assist by offering you a care plan for ADHD treatment.

The assessment and treatment plans are optional after the screening test. You do not have to continue if you decide against it.

About ADHD 360

More than your diagnosis

Starting with you. We understand that you want the best, for yourself, maybe for your child or relative. And it may well be that to get the best, you have decided to pay for it. And we know that’s not an easy decision.