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Most Dedicated ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment Clinic 2023

SME News - Most Dedicated ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment Clinic of 2023

ADHD 360 has been awarded the "Most Dedicated ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment Clinic 2023" at the SME News Midlands Awards.

In a world where mental health needs are increasingly complex, ADHD 360 shines as a transformative force, dedicated to providing private ADHD assessments and care of unparalleled excellence. Through a confluence of expertise, innovation, and compassion, the clinic continues to illuminate a new path forward for individuals seeking support and understanding for ADHD. With its resounding success, ADHD 360 stands as a testament to the power of passion, expertise, and a commitment to making lasting positive changes in the lives of those who need it most.

ADHD 360 is one of the UK’s largest single specialist ADHD clinics, changing people’s lives one patient at a time. Founded by three professionals with a combined 60 years of experience in public service, ADHD 360 embarked on a mission to bring excellence to a large, yet often neglected, patient group.

Their mission is two-fold: to deliver unparalleled excellence in private ADHD diagnosis and treatment while advocating for enhanced public services. They strive to illuminate the impact of ADHD on lives across the globe, fostering a transformative shift in how public services approach neurodiversity. Central to its ethos is a dedication to each patient's well-being. Regardless of age, gender, or status, ADHD 360's commitment is resolute: to offer tailored assessment and treatment options that cater to individual needs.

At the heart of ADHD 360 lie values that serve as its guiding principles. These values—acceptance, encouragement, learning, protection, and respect—underscore every facet of their operations. The ultimate aim is to create a space where patients feel understood, valued, and heard. This commitment is reflected in their 3000+ Trustpilot reviews from former patients.

The selection of their staff members forms a cornerstone of ADHD 360's success. These compassionate and knowledgeable individuals, drawn from diverse backgrounds, collectively contribute to the clinic's exceptional service. Their dedication has resonated positively with thousands of neurodivergent individuals, affirming the positive impact ADHD 360 has made since its inception.

ADHD 360's unique approach lies in its ability to marry efficiency with affordability. The clinic's relentless commitment has fostered a delicate equilibrium between rapid service delivery and ensuring accessibility and quality remain uncompromised. A remarkable aptitude for online referrals and assessments has allowed ADHD 360 to make swift advancements in multiple areas, challenging traditional paradigms and setting new benchmarks in a remarkably short span.

In a realm where innovation is pivotal, ADHD 360 has redefined the assessment process, seamlessly intertwining efficiency, and impact. Beyond comprehensive medical interventions, the clinic extends a range of non-medical assistance alternatives such as coaching, counselling, and additional support. This holistic approach ensures that patients are empowered to make informed decisions regarding their well-being.

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