Non-Medicated Terms And Conditions

Thank you for choosing counselling support with ADHD-360.

We offer a confidential, supportive, non-judgemental, collaborative therapeutic space.


All sessions are treated in confidence and your information will not be shared or communicated to others in any form with the following exception:

A therapist has a duty of care to prevent serious harm to others. Normally this would involve discussing and agreeing with the client how this could be achieved. In the very rare occasions where there is serious and imminent risk to others, especially young people or other vulnerable groups, then we are legally obliged to take appropriate steps to help prevent harm without or without client consent.

If for any reason we agree that it would be helpful to involve a third party, such as a parent, partner or GP, then we would discuss and agree this before making any contact, and we would agree the limits of what could be discussed with the specific people.

Under 18’s - The right to confidentiality applies to those clients under the age of 18. The content of sessions will not be shared with parents/guardians/teachers unless there is a serious risk of harm or to ensure safeguarding.

Counsellor Contact

If you are unable to establish contact with your therapist directly for an extended period of time please email


Ideally therapeutic sessions are on a weekly or fortnightly basis with duration of 45 minutes. If requirements differ from this Vanessa will be happy to support.

When planning your attendance please ensure you are ready at your allocated appointment time as we are unable to extend your session time should you arrive late. Online sessions take place using Zoom and your link will be sent to you via email at time of appointment being secured.


All clients are expected to keep their allocated appointment times or give notice of cancellation more than 24 hours before the appointment is due to avoid the full fee being charged for the appointment time.

Requests to transfer to an alternative appointment date or time must also be received more than 24 hours before the original session time, otherwise this will be deemed as a cancellation.

GDPR and Data Protection

We follow the guidelines and abide by the GDPR rules. Personal information is held securely, only for a necessary timescale. Your signature on this document gives consent for your personal data to be held by us to support treatment. All information is available for view upon request to your therapist.


ADHD-360 is based in the UK and governed by UK jurisdiction for all counselling related enquiries and activities.