ADHD 360 Panorama Response

Our response to Panorama

Our response to Panorama

The recent BBC Panorama programme caused great alarm in the ADHD community, and we felt it was important to respond on behalf of our patients, everybody affected by ADHD and their families.

We believe this was an inaccurate piece of journalism which will have a detrimental impact on people with ADHD typically having to wait up to five years on NHS. Whilst the BBC did expose some bad practices at unscrupulous clinics, not all clinics are the same.

ADHD 360 is an NHS Service Provider and is both proud of its achievements and its patients. ADHD 360 sees over 1000 new patients every month, and many in England choose to access treatment via Right to Choose, meaning that they are seen at no personal cost and with the NHS paying for their treatment. This arrangement means that ADHD 360 helps to reduce waiting lists and works with NHS Trusts closely to see patients as quickly as possible.

The BBC has previously been censured for inaccurate and selective reporting in relation to ADHD and we were disappointed that, rather than focusing on the plight of the more than two million ADHD sufferers in the UK, Panorama instead tried to undermine the efforts of those who are working with the NHS to address the long waiting lists.

As an NHS Service Provider, ADHD 360’s clinic plays a crucial role in helping families deal with the unnecessary impact of neurodiverse conditions whilst alleviating their wider impact on society. ADHD 360’s mission is to deliver safe, efficient and affordable treatment to both NHS and private paying patients. We deliver high standard assessments, diagnosis, treatment and care for tens of thousands of patients every year, underpinned by rigorous supervision and monitoring developed by its founders whilst working in the NHS.

Our 50 experienced Clinicians follow and exceed international and national guidelines to screen and assess patients to identify those with a genuine ADHD condition and we are regulated and quality assured. Our qualified Clinicians are trained in our CPD-UK accredited Academy, our assessments meet all accepted best practices and follow NICE guidelines and we prescribe the same medicines as the NHS.

We applaud honest reporting about unscrupulous operators but only if it encourages those with ADHD conditions to come forward for treatment. We are proud of our role in tackling the crisis of care for ADHD sufferers, ensuring that they are properly assessed and diagnosed, and able to achieve their full potential in society.