Join the ADHD 360 team

ADHD 360 is always seeking new talented individuals to join our team. In particular, we are currently recruiting mental health clinicians.

ADHD Line Break

As a valued member of the ADHD clinical team you will enjoy:

  • A reward package at least one grade above your current NHS or equivalent grade – strong candidates could attract more
  • A reward package that is regularly reviewed and matched to your contribution

  • Opportunity to be part of a team dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD

  • Flexible location – most clinics are now delivered online

  • Working in an organisation that has reduced administration through automation and developed a back office that is focussed on delivering a culture patient and clinician support

  • A dedicated member of the back-office team to support you and your patients

  • Flexible working arrangements – we aim to harmonise the flexible needs of our patients with the flexible needs of our clinical team

  • An organisation committed to your personal development – with dedicated time and funding for your CPD training

  • Opportunities to build your personal published portfolio through contributions to scientific journals, conferences and online articles

  • Experience of working in a private sector health care organisation – building skills and knowledge essential to your future healthcare management positions

  • The opportunity for a no-commitment preceptorship or direct entry

  • A comprehensive induction and dedicated mentor

We are seeking individuals who:

  • Prioritise patient care above all else.

  • Are excited to see patients’ positive responses to treatment and celebrate with them.

  • Are seeking new challenges and may be frustrated with opportunities in their current role.

  • Would like to join a young team with leadership that seeks to build a sense of purpose, mutual support (and a bit of fun!)

  • Have a background in mental health and are qualified NMPs (we are particularly interested in those with experience of assessing and treating ADHD patients)

  • Understand the importance of working in partnership with other health and care agencies

  • Are resilient, flexible and prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ for their patient.

  • Are excited at the prospect of change and developing efficient and effective care

  • Would like to expand their knowledge of commercial imperatives and how they can contribute to effective patient care.

  • Seek to expand their medical knowledge and share this across the health community.

Ready to join? We want to hear from you!

ADHD 360 prioritise patient journey, efficient process and patient satisfaction above everything, and because of this, we are a highly demanded service. Our team is always growing and if you are a Mental Health Clinician, we want to speak to you! Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives? You might be the next member of the ADHD 360 Family. Please fill out your name and email below, we’d love to chat with you!

Alternatively, please email, or call 01507 534181 for more details and a confidential conversation.

Meet our excellent team

Abigail Lambert


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Annie Annibal-Ross


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Antoinette ADHD 360 employee

Antoinette Phang

Nurse Practitioner

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Archie Read, ADHD 360 staff

Archie Read


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Ashlie ADHD 360

Ashlie Thorpe

Operations Manager

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Claudia ADHD 360

Claudia Pugh

Office Manager

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Darrin ADHD 360

Darrin Lowe

Advanced nurse practitioner

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Ellie ADHD 360

Ellie Dunkley

Secretariat with responsibility for patient renewals

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Georgie ADHD 360

Georgie White

NHS Contracts Manager

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Harriet Dickson


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Heidi Sutterby

Right to Choose Administrator

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Jen ADHD 360

Jen Lewis-Neill

Advance Nurse Practitioner

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Kathie ADHD 360

Kathie White

Advanced nurse practitioner

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Lisa ADHD 360

Lisa Mangle

Medical Director

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Louise ADHD 360

Louise Eales

Advanced nurse practitioner

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paige howes adhd 360 staff

Paige Howes


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Phil ADHD 360

Phil Anderton

Managing Director

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Rebecca Whelan

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

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Sally Gunner

Advanced Nurse Practitioner

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Samantha ADHD 360

Samantha Anderton-Marshall

Quality Assurance and Standards Director

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Zeiyad ADHD 360

Zeiyad Yadallee

Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Lead NMP

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