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"More than your diagnosis"

Our approach

To get to here you’ll have read or heard a lot about ADHD. And some of the things you know may confuse you. So let our leading experts help you to unravel all of that. We do this by really caring about you and if you have a diagnosis, your ADHD. You can select the type of help you want, and how you want to invest in yourself or your family from our menu. Can you afford private treatment? Well, let us ask, can you afford not to get well, or not to help your child get well? We believe that we should help people with ADHD, both clinically, by providing the best service that you can find, but also by providing a payment structure that recognises that sometimes money isn't easy to come by.

Working alongside you?

We don’t make the claim that treating ADHD is “more than your diagnosis” lightly, we believe it. If you are diagnosed with ADHD you need to be treated as well as is possible. That may mean medication, and if it does, making sure you get the best medication for you. It may mean that we can help you with coaching, family support, and advice. We have an unparalleled team at ADHD360, and we work with you, your family and your friends to make sure your lifestyle starts to get better and better after your diagnosis. And we will stay in touch with you along the way.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, more face to face time with our experts requires a little more of an investment, and if you need to get to the best place you can be as quickly as possible, that also attracts a slightly enhanced fee. Rest assured, that at ADHD360, whatever the service package you choose, if we think you can make a better choice, we will help you make that choice. And to help you make that choice we ask you some simple questions to help us all understand you and your ADHD. 

We are pleased to inform you that ADHD 360 is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Click the logo to learn more about what the Commission do to enhance health and social care in England.

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