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Kim To

ADHD Coach

About Me

Kim is a Certified ADHD Coach and was trained at the International ADHD Centre. Kim was diagnosed with combined ADHD and dyslexia as an adult. Having struggled with university and working in high-powered jobs with undiagnosed ADHD, Kim has deep empathy for students and adults who were also diagnosed later in life.

Kim has extensive experience coaching students, adults and specifically women who were diagnosed late with ADHD. A large proportion of her previous clients have been people from ethnic minority backgrounds. Kim is very sensitive with how culture, upbringing and trauma can impact ADHD and understands how to weave this in her coaching. Her specialisms are improving executive functioning, habit formation, study skills and career change or planning. Her previous clients have been people seeking to develop new habits, improve their performance at work or exploring a new career change. Her approach to coaching is client-led, action orientated and prides herself in sharing relevant research with clients so they can upskill their knowledge of ADHD.

Kim left her job in finance with the desire to support the ADHD community. She regularly facilitates an ADHD women’s support group and is an avid neurodiversity public speaker. She regularly blogs about her experience living with ADHD on medium and LinkedIn. Before training as an ADHD coach, Kim worked in the City of London as a management consultant and investment research. She currently works as an ADHD coach and works in higher education in the entrepreneurship space.