The next Professional Introduction to ADHD course will commence 17th June 2022, completion 18th June 2022.

Learning outcomes:

  • Why we seem to have more ADHD
  • How ADHD affects families
  • What is ADHD?
  • What does ADHD look like for adults
  • What does ADHD look like in children?
  • ADHD at work and how to get better workplace outcomes
  • ADHD at school and how to cope better
  • Social outcomes of untreated or poorly treated ADHD
  • Understanding the positives of having ADHD
  • Non-medical solutions to help guide someone with ADHD to better outcomes


17th June 9am-5pm

18th June 9am-5pm

Payment Plans are available on request, and discounts available to parents please contact or call 01507 534 181

Please note: the course fee does not include accommodation or travel this will need to be sourced and paid for by attendees.