Parenting Resilience Short Course

Parenting a child with special education needs can be exhausting but, as parent/carers, you keep on going to ensure your child receives the best support and guidance that is available.

This two-hour short course will focus on the need for parents/carers to be aware of their mental, physical and emotional health and will provide tips and strategies to move forwards with a stronger positive growth mindset.

This fun, educational and reflective workshop is packed full of resources to help navigate you through a busy and, sometimes, hectic life.

A downloadable workbook, accompanies this course, which contains all you need to join in and make the most of the time available.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Identify the pillars of resilience.
  • Create a resilience action plan.
  • Demonstrate positive self-talk.
  • Define resilience.
  • Explore control influence and concern.
  • Discuss the pillars of resilience.
  • Decide which strategies may work for you.

2 hour session (includes workbook)