Parent and Carer Power Hour Q and A.

These small, tailored workshops will focus on a topic each week, working as a group, to discover more about ADHD and working through the challenges that may arise. A diagnosis of ADHD can be overwhelming but with support and guidance, from a holistic approach, it can be a positive attribute which will harness your inherent skills and qualities.

Each session is delivered via zoom and limited to twelve people to ensure that everyone has a voice.

  • Explore the causality of ADHD.
  • Identify physical, behavioural and mental symptoms of ADHD and how they impact an individual.
  • Explore facts which dispel myths around ADHD.
  • Describe co-morbidities associated with ADHD.
  • List treatments for ADHD.
  • Examine executive functions.
  • Explain what Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria is and how it manifests. Evaluate how Imposter Syndrome affects a person with ADHD.
  • Explore a variety of support strategies.