Navigating ADHD & ASC – a workshop for parents/carers to get to grips with a new diagnosis.

This is a three-week course that aims to provide an overview of ADHD and Autism (ASC) that aims to help you ‘get to grips’ with both of these conditions.

It can be a daunting and overwhelming time in your life but this training helps to empower you, as parent/carers, to embrace the diagnosis and move forwards with a better understanding – both for yourself and your child.

This programme is aimed at breaking down the barriers which may prevent you from understanding how to navigate these conditions. It is delivered by a qualified facilitator with lived experience.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Examine the origins of Neurodiversity.
  • Discuss the causality of ADHD and ASC.
  • Explore facts which dispel myths around ADHD.
  • Describe co-morbidities associated with ADHD.
  • Identify hypo and hypersensitive traits.
  • Examine the impairment of social interaction.
  • Celebrate the positive traits of both conditions.

3x 2 hour sessions


Next Block:

Session 1: 7th June 12pm-2pm

Session 2: 14th June 12pm-2pm

Session 3: 21st June 12pm-2pm