ADHD Careers with ADHD 360

Role opportunity: Secretariat


Full time / part time

Our ADHD Careers: About the role

Location: Sheffield

Our admin team report to the Operations Managers.

The core elements of the role are:

  • Reporting to the Senior Secretaries
  • Oversight of the clinical diary
  • Oversight and writing letters to GPs etc, to a high standard as these represent our medicine standards to other professionals
  • Oversight of and the management of our patients, helping them arrange appointments and assisting them to document their medical progress through the treatment pathway
  • Managing the admin’ that accompanies this busy role, such as electronic filing of documents and answering emails
  • Clinical team liaison
  • NHS liaison
  • Preparing invoices
ADHD 360 Core Values

ADHD Careers: Essential Qualifications

  • Competent and confident with computers
  • Proficient with MS Office, especially Outlook, Word, and to a limited degree Excel
  • Organisation skills and an ability to manage their own workload
  • Strong telephone capabilities to be compassionate and yet still task focused
  • An ability to work on their own initiative yet be a key part of a team
  • Be a natural problem solver
  • Positive outlook and an ability to work well under pressure

ADHD Careers: Competencies

  • Integrity – the role requires honesty and being ethical
  • Dependability – the role relies on the post holder being reliable, responsible, dependable and fulfilling their obligations
  • Attention to detail – the role requires a high level of attention to detail to ensure patient safety and to deliver ‘right first time’
  • IT competent – Especially O365 and capability to be competent with our bespoke platform Chrysalis
  • Confidence – the post holder must demonstrate confidence to the patient/families and also within the team, this should be built on professional competence and a measure of humility
  • Team player – the post holder will be a key part of a team that shares goals, culture and an ethos built around delivery for our patient group
  • Resilience – the post holder will be expected to be strong, to cope with the demands of providing healthcare to the ADHD patient group, and be capable of investing themselves in this responsibility, on occasions stretching beyond the 9-5 window to ensure our patients feel safe, reassured and involved.

ADHD Careers: Behavioural Focus

Behavioural Focus

The post holder will assist ADHD 360 to achieve point 3 of the current Business Plan:

  • The patient experience
  • The clinician experience
  • Turnover

The post holder will also be expected to be a part of the team that delivers our culture. Culturally we need ADHD 360 to be sustainable:

  • A place where we want to work
  • A place where others seek to work
  • A workplace of openness and honesty
  • A place where feedback is given for the benefit of the task and the company

The ADHD 360 culture and workplace

ADHD 360 Culture and Workplace

At ADHD 360 we pride ourselves on having a flat ADHD Careers culture where everyone has a voice no matter what position they hold in our business.

1. The acceptance of help: There are no prima donnas at ADHD 360

2. Respect and Protection of each other: We all work as a team striving for the same end goal; to offer the best and be the best

3. Encouragement: We have a lot of fun at work, and we encourage each other

4. We don’t do blame: We all stand by each other, when mistakes are made we look for the learning and move forward

5. HONK: This comes from a lesson from Saatchi and Saatchi, Why geese fly in their V formation. If someone needs help they’ll HONK, it’s what you’ll hear in our office. We’re never frightened to say I need help.

Are you interested in joining the ADHD Family?

We are always looking for confident and competent Secretariats who are passionate about what they do and want to make a difference. We'd love to hear from you and have a chat!

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