ADHD360 Academy

ADHD 360 Academy

The Advanced ADHD Practitioners Training Programme

Dates announced! First course starting 17th December 2021!

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    Why have we created this programme?

    Even before the pandemic, neuro-diversity was becoming more and more understood across our society. Albeit relatively few in number, the increase of ‘celebrity’ confirmations of their ADHD and their struggles has given rise to more awareness than previously witnessed.

    The limitations on the NHS purse continue to put mental health, including ADHD clinics, under incredible pressure, and we now witness more demand for ADHD assessments and treatment and less available resources to meet that demand.

    Specialist, qualified Non-medical Prescribing Nurses, who fully understand ADHD are in short supply. For those that wish to qualify, the options to receive adequate training are minimal. Hence ADHD 360, working with The CPD Certification Service, have developed this Advanced Programme, with the goal of increasing the national pool ofsuitably qualified, confident and competent Specialist ADHD Nurses.

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    Why should I trust the ADHD 360 Academy to deliver my training?

    ADHD 360 was founded by three remarkable people. Lisa Mangle, an ex-teacher turned nurse who became and remains one of the UK’s leading clinicians in the field of ADHD for both children and adults truly needs little introduction. Jen Lewis-Neill, herself a specialist ADHD nurse in both the adult and paediatric fields, had previously set up and managed clinics across the North West of England and as a consequence was invited to be a key member of the team that decided the content of the NG87 NICE Guidelines. Dr Phil Anderton, having worked in the field of ADHD for 20 years, has recently emerged from 2 years embedded in our NHS improving clinical pathways for ADHD in both the adult and children setting. Bringing these 3 founders together set the tone for excellence in the ‘360 model’ of patient care.

    Why have we created this programme?

    With a patient list of over 1,200 patients, with an age range from 5 to 76, ADHD 360 are the largest single specialist clinic for ADHD in the UK. Located administratively in Lincolnshire, but having a patient footprint across the UK, 360 thrive and enjoy delivering services to the NHS under contract and to the many private patients who turn to them for help.

    It is worthy of note that in terms of adult education, both Jen and Lisa have delivered complex papers and presentations across the northern hemisphere from exalted platforms that included The ADHD World Congress. Phil Anderton, holds a Master’s Degree in Adult Education and has previously designed and led programmes for the Ministry of the Interior (Abu Dhabi), The Home Office (UK), Vodafone and Gate One (Management Consultancy, London). His PhD was focused on improving workplace competence and performance.

    What should I expect on my course?

    In the opinion of the ADHD 360 Academy leadership team, standards for ADHD specialists need to be high, the bar needs to be raised, which is perhaps at odds with the ‘rush’ to get nurses into roles to meet the increasing demands for clinicians. Having trained our own clinicians, we set high standards and we meet them. The ADHD Academy is not for the faint-hearted; you will not qualify by turning up. You will be examined, academically pushed, challenged and you ‘graduate’ with your head held high and a justifiable reason to believe in yourself as a clinician.

    The course has 11 modules, stretched over 3 days. The programme is offered as a face-to-face physically attended course, a video conference-based programme, also over four days but separated out over 2 weeks to avoid video conference fatigue. There will also be an evening class, offering the first 10 modules over 17 sessions, condensed into classes over 8 weeks.

    All courses, regardless of delivery, will have a written exam, not to set ‘pass or fail’ criteria but to give you the clinician an accurate appreciation of what the knowledge gaps are (if any) and how you could fill them. That is ‘lifting the bar’; expect to learn about:

    What is the going cost?

    Your investment, or that of your employer, is targeted at being affordable. Our fee structure is competitive, it offers great value for money and recognises the competence you will gain by attending this structured, well delivered programme.

    If you are investing in your own development, talk to us about a structured payment plan.

    Three day residential programme including exam


    (plus accommodation costs)

    Remote/Virtual Delivery



    Evening Class Programme



    For more details, please email or call 01507 534 181 and ask for the Academy.

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